How Human-Computer ‘Superminds’ Are Redefining the Future of Work
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Virtually all human achievements have been made by groups of people, not lone individuals. As we incorporate smart technologies further into traditionally human processes, an even more powerful form of collaboration is emerging. The ongoing, and sometimes loud, debate about how many and what kinds of jobs smart machines will leave for humans to do […]

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Turning Strategy Into Results
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How can leaders translate the complexity of strategy into guidelines that are simple and flexible enough to execute? Rather than trying to boil the strategy down to a pithy statement, it’s better to develop a small set of priorities that everyone gets behind to produce results. Strategy, at its heart, is about choice. Few companies […]

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Safeguard Your Organization’s IoT Initiatives
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As data becomes increasingly valuable, companies need to secure their IoT-enabled devices now, rather than wait until hackers find a way in Recently, attackers broke into an unnamed casino and stole data by compromising an internet-connected fish tank. If this were a plot device in a Hollywood thriller, the cyberattack method would likely be deemed […]

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The Flood of Data From IoT Is Powering New Opportunities – for Some
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Companies that got into IoT early are reaping rewards in more timely, accurate, detailed, and reliable data. It comes as no surprise that an important part of data analytics is the data itself. In fact, the appeal of the internet of things (IoT) largely relates to the role of connected devices in gathering this valuable […]

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What Managers Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

MIT SMR and Boston Consulting Group are collaborating on a new research initiative, Artificial Intelligence & Business Strategy, to explore the most important business opportunities and challenges for managers posed by AI.  The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is finally yielding valuable smart devices and applications that do more than win games against human champions. […]

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Navigating the Leadership Challenges of Innovation Ecosystems

Ron Adner (Tuck School of Business), interviewed by Frieda Klotz Innovation and strategy expert Ron Adner of the Tuck School of Business says that innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum – instead, a web of participants often work together to find new solutions. But when they do, who’s in charge? As our world becomes ever […]

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IoT Can Drive Big Savings in the Post-Sales Supply Chain

The internet of things can unleash cost savings, service improvements, and better customer experiences – but ensuring collection of good-quality data comes first. An area where the internet of things (IoT) can live up to its hype is the post-sales or service supply chain. Sensors and product log files can be used to track and […]

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How to Develop a Great Digital Strategy

To succeed today, companies need a a unique value proposition that incorporates digital technologies in a way that is difficult for competitors to replicate. As leading technology companies embrace biometrics, artificial intelligence (AI), drones, and other exciting digital technologies, senior business executives at many other companies feel pressured to do the same. But if they […]

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Quali competenze sono richieste dal mercato del lavoro? Ecco cosa dice LinkedIn

È più importante “essere” piuttosto che “sapere”: forse lo potevamo intuire ma ora è arrivata la conferma. La ricerca condotta infatti da LinkedIn, sui profili di un campione di circa 2,3 milioni di iscritti americani al sito web che sono riusciti a cambiare attività lavorativa dopo la risposta ad almeno un’offerta presente su questo servizio […]

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